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Cooking Party was a wonderful evening!
by Margaret Keller
Hi Wendy,

My name is Margaret Keller, and I was at the Gallery last Thursday for the cooking class with my mother, aunt, and the rest of the girls. I wanted to say thank you again so much for the wonderful evening we had—the food and the ambiance was absolutely fantastic and we really enjoyed ourselves. We really enjoyed seeing the Gallery and your beautiful home. And please tell your sister “thank you” again from all of us.


Inspirational Visit
by LeeAnn Schiffbauer
Wendy, Had a wonderful afternoon with our, "Delicious," pastries to take home and the tour of your gallery. The large blue vase we bought is just exquisite. Looking forward to Girls Night Out event with my girlfriends. Thank you for the tour of your renovated living space. Well worthy of HGTV. Thank you for your inspiration!

by Raydelle Meehan
Several of my friends and I had the pleasure of coming to Delicious! on this past Thursday. And, of course, it was delicious!!

My favorite part as always is touring your space in the Gallery and Loft. You have done such an exquisite job of remodeling and decorating that area. It is quite remarkable and for us to have you personally as our guide was wonderful.

I am writing first of all, to thank you for a lovely afternoon. Secondly, to let you know that Assistance League of Omaha will contact you about advertising in our Christmas Caravan brochure. Christmas
Caravan is our chief money making event. The money is for our philanthropic projects. The major project is School Bell. School Bell outfits over 3000 area children with new clothes for the school
year, notably winter coats, gloves etc. Many retired teachers are involved with Assistance League.
Kay Snyder who is the mother of your famous guest Marg Helgenberger is a member. Kay's profession was nursing. And as you know, Marg was born in Fremont.

I understand that Trudy is the step-mother of Maddie Fennell. Maddie can give you more information
regarding School Bell. I hope you will consider an ad in the brochure.

Trudy and you have done a magnificent job on all aspects of your spaces and we all love it. We will
continue to spread the word re establishments.

Thank you again for your hospitality,

Your #1 ambassador,

Raydelle Meehan

What an amazing day in Valley!
by Barb Chrisman
Hi Wendy, Just had lunch at your delicious "Delicious" and took the tour with you. What an amazing day. I would like to get on the list to receive information on upcoming events. Thanks. Barb Chrisman

Add me to your announcement list!
by Melissa Koopman
I had a wonderful time to day at the bakery and gallery. I would love to be placed on the mailing list. Thanks again and I look forward to visiting again soon! ~Melissa Koopman

Great way to start the weekend!
by Bonnie Shennum
We very much enjoyed the tour. The food was fantastic. Agreat way to start a weekend.

Please put us on your e-mailings.

Bonnie and Don Shennum


Unexpected Delight!
by Pat Wright
Wendy, our little road trip Thursday turned into a wonderfully special outing due to you and your sister's unplanned and unexpected hospitality! Your Gallery and Loft was like finding an exquisite gem when one wasn't looking for anything special! I am going to be spreading the word! Thank you for your time and enthusiasm!

Pat Wright

Add me to your announcement list!
by Brenda Druse
Good Afternoon, My sister and I were at your gallery this morning. Wanted to tell you it's a wonderful addition to Valley. Absolutely beautiful.

Would you please add me to your list for events and functions. Looking forward to the wine tasting and others.

Thank you Brenda Kruse

art purchace
by Mary Fort
It has been nice getting to know you, too. We enjoy having your Delicious so close to Ginger Cove! We love the paintings we just recently purchased. They add that special "something" to our home.

See you soon,


Wonderful Party at the Gallery
by Kim Henrichs-Suey
Things worked out even better than expected. At first Mom was a bit uneasy about the surprise, but I think she relaxed and truly enjoyed her afternoon.

We couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Thank you again for being such a wonderful hostess and opening up your home as you did. It was great to have everyone gathered together in one location, yet feeling so comfortable and at home. I think they would have stayed all afternoon given the opportunity. The best part about our family celebration was nobody had to worry about preparing all the food, doing all the dishes and cleaning house before or after the celebration. My mom is usually the one that takes on all those responsibilities and never sits down to enjoy the holiday. This time she wasn't responsible for anything and could just relax. THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you that was the best gift of all.

Kim Henrichs-Suey
Home Instead Senior Care

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