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June 20, 2009
by Adelaide Szynskie
Dear Wendy,

Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon yesterday at your Gallery and "Delicious". Our Red Hat group was just amazed at what you have done with all your space and impressed with all your beautiful art work. You have put Valley on the map!

We enjoyed our luncheon in it's cozy setting. Everything was "delicious"!

After all our back and forth setting up this event, I was pleased that everything turned out so well.

All the best to you and your endeavor. Adelaide Szynskie

Party at the Gallery
by Donna Rehtmeyer
Trudy and Wendy:

Thank you so much for helping us make our Lions Club event so successful! It was a lot of fun and went very well.

Trudy, everyone loved the desserts - I had several of my friends asking me for your card. I told them you do catering, etc. Thanks again.

Wendy, the place sells itself - it is wonderful and I think we set it up just right. I had friends tell me they will keep it in mind for events they have coming up in the future.

Thanks again gals, we really appreciate the cooperation!

Donna and Jean

Graduation Reception at the Gallery
by LaVonne Keller
Hi Wendy,

We want to thank you for your help in providing the lovely graduation
reception for Lori. The food was delicious and of course we loved
the atmosphere in your gallery! :-) We heard nothing but wonderful
comments. Everyone commented on how good the dinner was and they are
still talking about your beautiful as well as fun place. Thanks
again. I'm sure we will be back in the future for other events.

Please add me to your email list.
LaVonne Keller

Delicious & The Gallery........and LiT Lounge
by Sallie & Brett
All I can say is incredible!!! The food, atmosphere and your son were amazing! What a treasure you have. Everyone loved it and I will promote your businesses! In fact I am going to be a fabric rep and I will take your cards with me when I visit all interior design firms across Nebraska!
> We can't thank you enough for your help!
> Sallie and Brett

Our dinner at the Gallery
by Agnes O'Connor
Dear Wendy:
Thank you so much for a fabulous dinner!!. Turkey will never taste the same again. The food was fit for the gods, the setting was right out of heaven and you are just a delightful hostess. I feel so lucky to have met you.
I've told everyone I see about you and your gorgeous shop. Many had not heard of it but all said they wanted the address and would be coming to see you. I just couldn't emphasize it enough. I'm telling everybody the Last Supper couldn't have been better!!!
Hope your Christmas season is the best you've ever had and I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Fondly, Ag O'Connor

Just thanx for a wonderful tour and lunch
by Colette Magwire
I was there Sep 25 with 9 other friends. We were blown away by the gallery and all you have accomplished. It is something I would expect to see in KC or Denver.
You have remarkable creative talent.
We wish you the very best success.

Baby Shower at the Gallery
by Nina
Wendy, I wanted to take time before the craziness of another week starts to tell you, Trudy, and you staff THANK YOU. Sheila was in awe with how beautiful everything was. You truly made it a woonderful, memorable day not only for me, but Sheila and all her guests.I ate my cupcake last night , and it was nothing short of yummy. Thank you for putting up with my 1,000 e-mails, but as you can see there is a reason for all those questions. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed working with you again. You are a wonderful person, and I wish you much continued success.
Blessings & Thank You,


Luncheon at the Gallery
by Cyndy Peacock

Thank you for a wonderful time for all of us in your beautiful Gallery and home. You are so gracious, and lunch was very special. It was the best part of our day. Everyone was very impressed, and I know that are going to spread the word about The Gallery and you! We all think you are just terrific.

I look forward to seeing you again very soon.



60th Birthday Party
by Lanie Whittle-Daggett

I wanted to send a belated thank you for making my mom's 60th birthday party such an amazing and special celebration. And the fact that you pulled it off with such perfection with no power adds to my appreciation so much! (the party was the day after the crazy wind storm on June 27th). The food was delicious, the cake was yummy and the gallery was beautiful as always. All of our friends could not stop talking about was a great time they had.

Thanks a ton!

Painting arrived safely to Conneticut
by Lauren Seder
Hi there!

So sorry for the delay in emailing you! The painting is amazing. I have a
house full of people as we are having a huge engagement party for my
daughter this weekend and I have lots of family from out west staying with

Everyone has commented how perfect the painting looks in the room. It is
especially stunning when you are sittingin a chair at the table facing the
painting. And,it changes all day long as the light changes in the room.

Thank you so very much for your patience through this process. There were
definitely some obstacles doing this long distance, but you were so
accommodating and patient that the frustration was minimal and well worth
the result. Hope it wasn't too crazy for you!!!!

I will let you know about the feedback which I'm sure I will get on Sunday
with 80 people here. I have your cards all ready to hand out!! I'll be in
touch soon with regard to the living project!

Thanks again Wendy.

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